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Moon Caps

Moon Caps

Phobos won the Microdose Champion at the 2023 Enthneofest in Michigan. Moon Caps will be a bottle of a 30-day supply of ~250mg VEGAN, YES VEGAN! capsules of pure unadulterated fruiting bodies. With the vegan option, now everyone may benefit from Phobos' complete mood & health healing properties. Anecdotally, and with extensive veteran and others' trials, it has shown to help with PTSD and Depression greatly without the need for big pharma poison.. I am a Navy veteran myself and work with a lot as well, and they absolutely swear by it. Winning the award at Enthneofest 23 was just th validation I needed to bottle this soul and mind medicine. Let's get the mental health problem in this country fixed naturally! 1Love*

I do plan to eventually release a Phobos+Lions Mane combo micro in the future! Stay tuned.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Do NOT use if pregnant, plan to become pregnant or nursing! Keep out of reach from children. 18+. Store in a cool, dark place.

  • Pre-orders

    Please allow time to get product ready. Limited release! Thank you!

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